I am SO excited for your lifestyle session! 

Whether you are wanting a family session, a fun shoot with your besties, newborn photos, or some candid portraits - I'm here to capture moments that tell your story. During your session I want you to relax, have fun and be yourselves! When you're having a good time the result is photos of real moments that capture who you are authentically. 


Lighting is the most important element in creating breathtaking photos! I love shooting in natural light, and the best time to shoot is before sunset for the most flattering light. Normally I start the sessions 2 hours before sunset, but of course we'll choose a time that works best for you!


Choosing a location can be overwhelming. There are lots of options out there, as well as a lot of Pinterest ideas that can change your mind a hundred times. The key to narrowing down a location is to choose something that is a reflection of who you are and your vibe.

Nature. Whether you choose the woods where you go hiking, the beach where 

you spend your summer relaxing, or the park where you play with your dog, the outdoors are 

always a perfect backdrop.

Explore the city. Let's head downtown and get fun and funky photos in 

undiscovered alleyways, on the streets, or even on rooftops for a more intimate view of the city.

Cozy at home. Whether you have an eye for home décor or if the weather isn’t the best the day of your session, you can curl up at home and I’ll capture you in your most natural element.

Location Ideas

Ojibway Park

Malden Park

Little River Corridor

Brunet Park

Lakeside Park

Willstead Park

Colchester Beach

Two Creeks Conservation

Point Pelee

Jackson Park

14th Coffee Co.

Serenity Lavender Farm


Wagner Orchards

John R. Park Homestead

Warkentin Christmas Tree Farm

Chatham Sunflower Fields

Downtown Detroit

Detroit Belle Isle


Deciding what to wear for your session can be overwhelming, especially if you don't consider yourself a fashion expert. I'm here to help every step of the way so feel free to text or email me photos of outfits ahead of time, that way I can help you decide what will work best given your location and the weather that day!

When it comes choosing colours for your outfits, I would recommend sticking to solid neutrals and earthy tones. Think cream, tan, camel, forest green, navy, black, brown, rust, blush, dusty rose, mustard yellow, misty blue, etc. When picking a colour, keep your location in mind. Choosing hues that compliment your surrounding is a great way to balance the focus between you and the environment. You don't want to blend into your background or be matching exactly with others in your photos. 

Remember to go for comfort. Wear clothes that make you feel like you. You should feel 100% confident in the outfit you choose. If you are wearing something you feeling awkward in, it may translate into the photos. So choose something comfortable enough to sit down and have fun in. 

Tip: Wearing dresses and fabric that flows is ideal in creating beautiful movement in photos. 

Also, try to stay away from anything too busy and make sure only one of you is 

wearing a print, as it can be distracting in photos.


Props can be as simple as being part of your outfit like a hat or jacket. Whatever props 

you want to bring, make sure it makes sense with your location and outfit choices! Some 

more ideas for props and activities are riding bicycles, having picnic, getting cozy in a blankets, holding a bouquet of flowers, and even bringing your pet!